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Answer: I dug deeper, and this is not the stupid question I thought it was.​.​.​
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Why does France have a population of 66.6 million and Japan a population of 126.4 million?
Ryan Chew
Ryan Chew, Ardent diaper changer
Why do some non-Chinese claim to understand China when most Chinese don't understand their own nation?
Eric Miller
Eric Miller, Anthropologist
When and where do soldiers in an active war-zone sleep?
Dan Rosenthal
Dan Rosenthal, Former Foreign Service Officer, Iraq ...
What is the best comment in a source code that you have ever encountered?
Zach Elko
Zach Elko, Software Engineer, Game Developer, Gu...
How did Mark Zuckerberg train himself to be a programming prodigy?
Mike Hughes
Mike Hughes
What is the smallest thing, or things, that you would have to change in history to prevent the Second World War from having happened?
Jon Davis
Jon Davis, Writer and Blogger on Military, Veter...
Why did the US choose Japan and not Germany to nuke?
Jon Mixon
Jon Mixon
How do people in the American South deal with the heat and humidity in the summer?
Michelle Roses
Michelle Roses, Mother, shark diver, reporter, dancer...
Why does Japanese Prime Minister Abe insist on visiting Yasukuni Shrine despite former Emperor Hirohito having ceased going, and current Emperor Akihito having never gone?
Andy Lee Chaisiri
Andy Lee Chaisiri, Game Designer, Art Director, & Pokemo...
If all humans descend from a single original population of ancestors in Africa, then how did different "colored" humans come about?
Pippi Maria Groving
Pippi Maria Groving, a crazy M.Scient and a sane Asatru in...
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