What is something useful I can learn right now in 10 minutes that would be useful for...? - Quora

William Halmeck, Overgraduate
Venkatesh Rao, Civilized Person
Anderson Marques Ferraz, there's no such thing as "short bio".
Ron Paul, www.ronpaulchannel.com
Adam Mordecai, I'm the dude version of that.
Karen Rotz, thinker
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What are the best comebacks when someone insults you? - Quora

Tomek Jankowski, Analyst, Author. Historian aspirant. ...
Vinati Singh, I am one.
Phillip Remaker, Problem Solver
Eivind Kjørstad, Nerd. Nature-lover. Penpal. Runner. D...
Samuel Jones, Coded some things once or twice
Jowita Ziobro, Web Designer at Delighten
John Hudak, Author of Presidential Pork, Fellow @...
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