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Answer: This is one of those morally bizarre genocide questions I used to deal.​.​.​
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Is it fair to put Mao in the same category as Hitler and Stalin?
Quentin Hardy
Quentin Hardy, Deputy Tech Editor, NY Times. Visitin...
Was it true that in 1970 Syria tried to invade Jordan, and was only prevented from doing that by Israel?
Noam Kaiser
Noam Kaiser, Principal@Gemini VC, Daddy, Hubby, Is...
If Japan had attacked the USSR in 1941 instead of the United States at Pearl Harbor, would the USSR have been defeated?
Harold Kingsberg
Harold Kingsberg, Reader
Why does the United States only have 11 aircraft carriers?
Manish Suryapalam
Manish Suryapalam
Who are Russia's closest and most important allies?
Dan Holliday
Dan Holliday
What are the differences between the American and German ways of living, but in the town planning context?
Judith Meyer
Judith Meyer, Berlin-based polyglot and programmer
What does the US have that does not exist in the UK?
Jeremy Miles
Jeremy Miles
Are the IMDB ratings accurate?
Aaron Ellis
Aaron Ellis, Screenwriter
What is the future of war?
Jon Davis
Jon Davis, Writer and Blogger on Military, Veter...
Are there skills other than coding that I can learn to get a good salary job?
James Altucher
James Altucher, Blogger, author, social media, invest...
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