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Answer: I'd like to point out something you stated in your question details...
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Why doesn't the U.S. government make an offer to relocate Israel somewhere within the U.S. mainland?
Will Pasto
Will Pasto
What is one piece of advice you are glad you ignored?
Ed Blax
Ed Blax, lived lots of life
Why are so many people content with just earning a salary and working 9-6 their entire adult life?
Jennifer Dowdy
Jennifer Dowdy, Now whenever I see a site that looks ...
Why are there crushed stones alongside rail tracks?
David S. Rose
David S. Rose, Proprietor of B&ARR Caboose C-54
When actors are portraying characters from books, is it better to read the original book first and then read the screenplay?
Cameron Monaghan
Cameron Monaghan, Actor, Shameless
What would happen if the Vice President of the United States killed the President of the United States?
Mark Binfield
Mark Binfield, Bureaucratic Minion
What are the chains that bind your mind?
Cyndi Perlman Fink
Cyndi Perlman Fink, Sometimes a cigar just tastes awful.
How old is too old for someone to refer to their mother as "Mommy?"
Michelle Roses
Michelle Roses, My two daughters are going to be trou...
My dog was locked in a room for 6 days by accident while we were on vacation. Yesterday, he drank some water and acted like himself. Now he is just lying under my bed and growling if I touch him. Is he okay?
Anderson Moorer
Anderson Moorer, Pet owner and dog rescue volunteer
What were the battle dynamics re: the Imperial attack on Hoth?
Jon Davis
Jon Davis, Sergeant of Marines. Fought in Iraq d...
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