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Answer: * Surround yourself with friends that truly care about your well being...
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How can I be happy without money?
Judy Ngai
Judy Ngai
If I leave my 1-year old dog with a friend for about 10 months, will he remember me when I come back?
Lorna Eaton
Lorna Eaton, Interested in what you think.
Why do some people not want children?
Marcus Geduld
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If given a choice what would you choose, intelligence or luck?
Virali Modi
Virali Modi, has cheated death three times
What is the difference between acting in a play and acting in a film?
Uzo Aduba
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What experience have you had/watched with wild animals that has touched you?
Rory Young
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How do people on average in the US view alligators and crocodiles?
Robert Frost
Robert Frost, engineer/instructor at NASA
When I'm older, will I realize my parents were right all along?
Leonard Kim
Leonard Kim, Corporate Strategist. Marketer. Phila...
How can one make the most of one's youth?
Stan Hayward
Stan Hayward, Film/TV/Book writer
What are the top 10 things that we should be informed about in life?
Jay Bazzinotti
Jay Bazzinotti, No one is perfect... but I am as clos...
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