Who will be remembered 2000 years from now that has lived in the last 500 years? - Quora

Answer: First we should look back and see what kind of people are remembered f.​.​.​
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Who will be remembered 2000 years from now that has lived in the last 500 years?
Robert Frost
Robert Frost, Professional instructional systems de...
Saudi Arabia is named after a family. What other states in history have been named after individuals or families?
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Why did so many people starve to death during the Irish potato famine?
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How does an average American citizen rationally justify his/her possession of gun(s)?
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What is the oldest lightbulb in continuous use?
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Are Germans proud to be German?
Judith Meyer
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What are some things that make Americans sad?
Dan Holliday
Dan Holliday
If you hit someone while driving a vehicle on the road, would you flee, or help the injured person knowing the fact that it is not your fault?
Deirdre Beecher
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What would be the likely outcome if Texas announced secession from the United States?
Carter Moore
Carter Moore, Made in America
I am Chinese. I made up an English name "Jushine" for myself yesterday. Is it pronounceable for a native English speaker?
Eric Stoltz
Eric Stoltz, a guy with a name
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