Who was the laziest person in the history of mankind? - Quora

Answer: I was told this story by a former Microsoft employee who claims to kno.​.​.​
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Who was the laziest person in the history of mankind?
Steve Theodore
Steve Theodore
Why wasn't there an insurgency in Germany after the end of World War II?
Judith Meyer
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Dan Holliday
Dan Holliday
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Why is Alexander known as 'The Great', while Genghis Khan 'A Barbarian'?
Robert Frost
Robert Frost, 34 books about Alexander on my bookshelf
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Harold Kingsberg
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John Burgess
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Who is responsible for the mess in Iraq today?
Jon Davis
Jon Davis, American Veteran
Did Japan really think they could beat the US in WWII?
Graeme Shimmin
Graeme Shimmin, amateur military historian.
How does it feel to travel alone?
Rukmini Banerjee
Rukmini Banerjee, Avid Reader; Occasional Cook; Travel ...
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