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Answer: Poland.​ 1655: Sweden invades Poland with the help of the Tartars and.​.​.​
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Which country is the unluckiest?
Glenn Watson
Glenn Watson, Teacher
What is the most expensive or historically significant item ever to be destroyed?
Abhishek Padmanabhan
Abhishek Padmanabhan, just another Abhishek
What are crimes countries have apologized for?
David Stewart
David Stewart, not even the right wrong David Stewart
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Andy Lee Chaisiri
Andy Lee Chaisiri, nomad at heart
How difficult is it to make a biographical film about a person who is still alive?
Anthony McCarten
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During the exploration era, why did crews of seafaring ships starve rather than fish from the ocean?
Mike Bueti
Mike Bueti, I am getting my PhD in Physical Ocean...
What is it like to just quit your job, get a backpack and travel the world?
Sunil Abhilash
Sunil Abhilash, Co-founder, goMowgli - India's first ...
What made the USA so powerful?
Morgan D. Kauffman
Morgan D. Kauffman, Systems thinker, futurist, policy ana...
Travel: What's the most impressive ancient structure in the world?
Sahithya Sambandan
Sahithya Sambandan
What are the best-kept secrets of great programmers?
Jeff Darcy
Jeff Darcy
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