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Answer: During two years of business school at Stanford, I wrote down the best...
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What is some good general career advice?
Matt Wyndowe
Matt Wyndowe, Uber head of product partnerships, pr...
How many hours a day was Warren Buffett working when he started his career?
Robert Frost
Robert Frost, engineer/instructor at NASA
What's it like to have attended an elite school and then be an utter failure afterward?
Marie Stein
Marie Stein, Flummoxed & Ferly
What are the best life hacks to tackle procrastination?
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee, I am alive
Why do the police ask, "Do you know why I pulled you over?"
Cliff Gilley
Cliff Gilley, JD cum laude, Seattle University Clas...
What are the skills that are most important to learn during your 20s?
Carolyn Cho
Carolyn Cho, former recruiter.
Should I major in computer science if I don't really "love" writing code?
Jessica Su
Jessica Su, CS PhD student at Stanford
What's it like to work for an introvert?
Ellen Vrana
Ellen Vrana, Happily introverted.
I'm THIS close to achieving my dream. Should I take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?
Mike Leary
Mike Leary, Psychotherapist in private practice, ...
For a 25 year old who has a lot of interests, and lack of direction in life. How does one pick a happy and fulfilling career?
Jaclyn Konzelmann
Jaclyn Konzelmann, I like to work on fun problems
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