Which country has the coolest looking flag? - Quora

Answer: Japan It is so incredibly minimalist yet evocative of Japanese cultur...
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Which country has the coolest looking flag?
Elliott Chen
Elliott Chen, Boat Rocker, Pedal Pusher, Guitar Pla...
I have heard some people claim Einstein was a fraud. Is there any truth to that claim?
Joshua Engel
Joshua Engel, not a physicist
Is Donald Trump correct that President Barack Obama was not academically qualified for admission to an Ivy League school without affirmative action?
James H. Kelly
James H. Kelly, writer, director, animator, designer,...
Why are kimonos so expensive in Japan?
Makiko Itoh
Makiko Itoh, 海外組
What is the process that a writer goes through while writing a novel? What are the phases that he/she goes through?
Lois Lowry
Lois Lowry, Author, The Giver
If a swarm of bees were flying towards you and you shot a bullet at them, would it kill some of the bees?
Ted Suzman
Ted Suzman
Is it possible to buy a country?
Nicholas Snyder
Nicholas Snyder
Should I have a baby with my lesbian partner in the hope of reviving our relationship?
Erica Friedman
Erica Friedman, Lesbian icon
What does Bill Gates mean when he says that we can "reduce" world population through vaccines, healthcare, and reproductive health services?
Patrick Kerns
Patrick Kerns, MD/PhD student, vaccinologist, workin...
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