What do people who work 70-100 hour weeks do in their free time? - Quora

Answer: I used to work 105 hours a week. This is what I did back in 2006: Wak...
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What do people who work 70-100 hour weeks do in their free time?
Leonard Kim
Leonard Kim, Corporate Strategist. Marketer. Phila...
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An IDF soldier named David Ovadia posted on instagram "I killed 13 children today..." Is it true?
Isaac Shabtay
Isaac Shabtay, born and raised there.
How do soldiers tell their assault rifles apart, when deployed?
Henryk Bronislaw Hinkle-Zaleski Jr.
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Do actors really shave their heads for a movie in which their character is bald?
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Why haven't Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Tom Cruise, or Brad Pitt won any Oscars yet?
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What are some secret tricks you should know about Windows?
Gaurav Jain
Gaurav Jain, E-Quaintance
If I am flying in a plane with a baby (on my lap, not on a seat) and the plane depressurizes, will the baby have an oxygen mask for himself or will I have to share mine?
Scott Welch
Scott Welch, Addicted to Quora
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